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Hi it's Albert from Flamingo!

We play all kinds of games but we really like to play Roblox! Make sure to subscribe to let us know you like it too!

Business only email: fart ha ha stupid gsnail




    Sheri CeliaSheri Celia13 ساعات قبل
  • I have a quiz for everybody is this a happy face or a sad face :):

    Jayden GamerJayden Gamer13 ساعات قبل
  • That’s stupid to get admin on all games

    Owen EsquivelOwen Esquivel13 ساعات قبل
  • Albert: Oh yes Another morning Now time to Go on roblox and cause Lots of pain

    SimplyButterflySimplyButterfly13 ساعات قبل
  • whats name of game

    cynthia martinezcynthia martinez13 ساعات قبل
  • 3 years

    Sheri CeliaSheri Celia13 ساعات قبل
  • orbalisk

    fuckitfuckit13 ساعات قبل
  • I just finish abusing a child

    BlueBloxBlueBlox13 ساعات قبل
  • Tfdg

    Jack BenoitJack Benoit13 ساعات قبل
  • Idea: go in life in paradise and use your admin to :re online daters into there real ugly noob skin

    minecraftt guyminecraftt guy13 ساعات قبل
  • albert im ur biggest fan its my dream for u to just notice me i love you cletus for president albert for vice i love youuuuuu

    xxDunkinxxCharlie🍩xxDunkinxxCharlie🍩13 ساعات قبل
  • Flamingo why do you hate yourself flamingo ok I will make a joke why do people hates Flamingo because Flamingo kills people in roblox so stop killing people in roblox and be kind

    P Afsah RahmanP Afsah Rahman13 ساعات قبل
  • NOOOOO-flamingo

    Luna lovegood simpLuna lovegood simp13 ساعات قبل
  • When Albert opened the chat someone said “Imma be a McFlurry”

    Matthew ValladaresMatthew Valladares13 ساعات قبل
  • “what do Americans watch-?” *attack on titan*

    Shinobu KochoShinobu Kocho13 ساعات قبل
  • albert:*this face soo hot* everyone:i agreee me:agree bc the face is soo beautifull

  • make a video about the game 3008 on roblox

    s_tdns_tdn13 ساعات قبل
  • 7:48

    -PaidChesse--PaidChesse-13 ساعات قبل
  • Lol

    Michael JacksonMichael Jackson13 ساعات قبل
  • Albert: ill prob start a vlog channel in liek 4 months. 1 year later: still no vlog channel Edit: he also said he would release a skateboard and he did it so I’m happy we have that so i can get it when i have some money or when its actually in stock

    Bleach boyBleach boy13 ساعات قبل
  • Hey Albert, i want you to play Omori

    HuskyHusky13 ساعات قبل
  • albert to be taller u first off raise ur height and then go to body scale and put the height up again, thats all lol

    Aisling McEvoyAisling McEvoy13 ساعات قبل
  • flamingo lied at the end i didnt get scamed 3 times it was more like 5

    omars contentomars content13 ساعات قبل
  • What game are you playing?

    Maritza GarciaMaritza Garcia13 ساعات قبل
  • Someone: Date Albert: No date only die Me: I WANNA GO TO DIE MART

    SimplyButterflySimplyButterfly14 ساعات قبل
  • 🗣10:29

    Everybody Walk the dinosaur EVREverybody Walk the dinosaur EVR14 ساعات قبل
  • Can you play flee the facility again soon?

    XxToxic•SkiesXxXxToxic•SkiesXx14 ساعات قبل
  • Hahahahahah you are so funny

    افلام Zazuافلام Zazu14 ساعات قبل
  • How normal people see his time stop: woah! He stopped time! Me: ZA WARLDO! TOKI WO TOMORAE!

    LakeshikageLakeshikage14 ساعات قبل
  • I used to watch ur vids can I have money please

    Durpy ZombieDurpy Zombie14 ساعات قبل
  • The child should be called sprinkle nugget

    Cool ice BoyCool ice Boy14 ساعات قبل
  • awh this is so wholesome i wish i was there

    Foxxnaoj CovetFoxxnaoj Covet14 ساعات قبل
  • Watching this 1 year later I got all the eggs including the special ones. I wish there was another one but now there’s stupid “mEtAvErSe” 😪

    BaconEBaconE14 ساعات قبل
  • People in Booga Booga: *Stalking people till their ded*

    PC Gaming MightyPC Gaming Mighty14 ساعات قبل
  • I will accept young even tho you have 3,000 belly buttons (I know you really. I mean in game)♥️

    Mariana MoraesMariana Moraes14 ساعات قبل
  • :0

    Quinn MQuinn M14 ساعات قبل
  • Bless you.

    :Emilia ::Emilia :14 ساعات قبل
  • Nononnononononononono

    GirlyGamersGirlyGamers14 ساعات قبل
  • 2:52 That's the Roblox chat filter for ya

    BaconlordBaconlord14 ساعات قبل

    ✞♡𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕊𝕢𝕦𝕒𝕕𑁍✞♡𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝕊𝕢𝕦𝕒𝕕𑁍14 ساعات قبل
  • Albert showing grogu: everybody wants to kill this little rat Me: *Loads gun*

    Chris The ladChris The lad14 ساعات قبل
  • im name is albert

    gold remengold remen14 ساعات قبل
  • He threatened to take my lunchable So I shot him 90 times in the chest then spat on him

    Evan TwissEvan Twiss14 ساعات قبل
  • Hi

    A m o g u sA m o g u s14 ساعات قبل
  • Awawawawawawaw😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Rowena OlivaresRowena Olivares14 ساعات قبل
  • 2:15

    Official_potatofriesOfficial_potatofries14 ساعات قبل
  • “fear : chase” ‘ohh chase is his name’

    ObviouslyKeiObviouslyKei14 ساعات قبل
  • 😂🤣😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Rowena OlivaresRowena Olivares14 ساعات قبل
  • Ewwwwwwwwww blue bone legs

    VoltingFlamezVoltingFlamez14 ساعات قبل
  • Maybe the color of black is dan and Albert said is shattered so dan died it explains on the first video of Albert and the smiles family and the white on is another smile person?

    ꧁itz Agust꧂꧁itz Agust꧂14 ساعات قبل
  • I love you

    Jonathan HernandezJonathan Hernandez14 ساعات قبل
  • Haha

    Jonathan HernandezJonathan Hernandez14 ساعات قبل
  • 19:54 Medic: Woops, zat was Medicine..

    Medic TF2Medic TF214 ساعات قبل

    Rasmus KukkRasmus Kukk14 ساعات قبل
  • I wanna play scary daycare adopt me I hate that I don’t want to I like to play real adopt me it’s so fun you can change a mom and a bear a baby sure

    Rowena OlivaresRowena Olivares14 ساعات قبل
  • Scary daycare adopt me I don’t like it

    Rowena OlivaresRowena Olivares14 ساعات قبل
  • After this I may not sleep at night

    Nana QueenNana Queen14 ساعات قبل
  • Fun fact i once had 60 viruses

    Shadow YtShadow Yt14 ساعات قبل
  • I’m rojoe

    Simulator MasterSimulator Master14 ساعات قبل
  • OBANTJE is netherlands im NL too

    doggogamingsdoggogamings14 ساعات قبل
  • im wamnt blablux

    Martin MerinoMartin Merino14 ساعات قبل
  • I only just saw this lol also I like Denis I watch his vids like ten times on all of them

    Galaxy _pandaGalaxy _panda14 ساعات قبل

    Gregory ReidGregory Reid14 ساعات قبل

      Gregory ReidGregory Reid14 ساعات قبل
  • The first game?

    SkullCrawler XSkullCrawler X14 ساعات قبل
  • 7:10 albert: haha haha, look your going to hell

    Sylvia MartinSylvia Martin14 ساعات قبل
  • Am now

    AdamskybloxrobloxAdamskybloxroblox14 ساعات قبل
  • It feels weird to come back to when this game had 90 likes

    Aidan fan of pghlfilmsAidan fan of pghlfilms14 ساعات قبل
  • If you really like naruto how many people have done the perfect susano

    Gacha alpha UwuGacha alpha Uwu14 ساعات قبل
  • “Look I’m twerki-“ Alberts brain right now: F

    Jqxll.x ‘I own Kei ❤︎’Jqxll.x ‘I own Kei ❤︎’14 ساعات قبل
  • What the heck is wrong with Roblox for putting that shoe there…

    RetrorxsesRetrorxses14 ساعات قبل
  • Today roblox is getting blurry and another bad thing a lot of tags

    hanspachanspac14 ساعات قبل
  • 6:55 albert: what does this do? *proceeds to shoot some one* albert: oh literally your- your on fire now.

    Sylvia MartinSylvia Martin14 ساعات قبل
  • Game?

    SkullCrawler XSkullCrawler X14 ساعات قبل
  • You thought ut was luisgamercool23 but it was i ALBERT

    FrostohaxFrostohax14 ساعات قبل
  • loveyouroni has amazing grammar I am his BIGGEST fan and he has such inspiring speeches

  • Stratagy for this game: if you win, DONT VOTE OUT THE NOOBS, vote out the pro/semi-pro people so you can fight the noobs in the last round.

    Charles NogaliCharles Nogali14 ساعات قبل
  • Its not robux its money

    CashtonGamez MullinsCashtonGamez Mullins14 ساعات قبل
  • If someone is dead bery the body

    Ninjakat 808Ninjakat 80814 ساعات قبل